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Chalkboard Nails + Ciate Chalkboard Manicure Kit Review

If you read my blog last week, you’d know that my awesome coworker got me this cool Chalkboard Manicure Kit. I recently got to try it out, so I wanted to show you the design I did and do a first impression review.

ciate chalkboard manicure kit

ciate chalkboard manicure kit

To see more product photos and my “unboxing,” of this kit, click here!

How to use this kit:

  1. Paint your nails with the black chalkboard nail polish and let it dry completely
  2. Shake your colored chalk pens and gently press the tip to a hard surface until the chalk paint comes out
  3. Draw on your nails with the chalk pens until your heart’s content
  4. If you mess up, just wash your nail with water and start over!
  5. Let your drawings dry completely and then seal it off with the matte top coat included in the kit

One thing I noticed with this kit is that the matte black chalkboard nail polish tends to crack a bit once it starts to dry. You might need to apply several coats of it before it looks smooth. It drys pretty fast, so try to fill in any cracks quickly.

The pens also take a while to get the color out of them the first time. You will need to shake them a lot. Some take longer than others. The awesome thing about these pens is that they show up really vibrantly on the nails. I was worried that they would be very faint, but nope, these are pretty bright neon pens! They show up great against the black background. What I dislike about these pens is that the tip is not pointed very much, making it difficult to draw any intricate designs. The tips of the pens are very “blocky” and not sharp like a liquid eyeliner pen like I expected. You can try to use the edge of the tip, but it is not as precise.

Make sure to use the top coat included in this kit to give your nails the matte chalkboard texture. I promise you your nails won’t give you that nasty feeling of nails on a chalkboard 🙂 ! If you use a glossy top coat, then your nails won’t look like a chalkboard as much!

Now here is the design I did. I didn’t go with a particular theme, I was just messing around with random designs.

chalkboard nails

chalkboard nails

I know what you’re thinking: why such awful photo quality? Well let me explain… I took these quick photos with my phone. My intention was to take better high quality photos with my camera, but I never got the chance. About a day after I painted my nails with this kit, they started to chip pretty badly. I barely got a chance to enjoy them! It’s a big bummer that this manicure barely lasts a DAY! I’m not sure if it’s because of the top coat or the actual black nail polish, but something in this just doesn’t want to stay put! Although I am disappointed with the staying power of this kit, I will still try it again and see if I can get it to last longer. I will let you know if I figure out a way to make it last!


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